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About Us

Homewood Middle School is part of an independent school district in Homewood, Alabama, a suburb community of the Greater Birmingham Metropolitan Area. It is fed by three elementary schools, each with its unique characteristics and culture. Homewood Middle School is the only middle school feeding Homewood City School District’s one high school. Our school serves approximately 900 students in grades six through eight with 70 certified faculty members and numerous additional support staff. Homewood Middle School has been at its current location on Mecca Avenue since 2004, in a LEAD facility which promotes “green” initiatives for conservation and efficient management of resources. The school has been recognized as a National Green Ribbon School for our student and faculty commitment to energy efficiency and environmental stewardship

The mission of Homewood City Schools is to empower every student to reach his or her unique potential. We embrace our diversity and value the experiences it provides all students in Homewood to accept others, honor differences, and collaborate within our community to achieve our mission. Our school and district hold students to high academic expectations and provide academic and social support as students struggle to achieve those expectations. We believe in reaching the whole child, and in response have implemented a Life Skills curriculum at each grade level as well as support through counseling for students with specific needs. Homewood Middle School offers a variety of elective choices including Fine Arts, Family and Consumer Sciences, competitive Robotics and academic teams in addition to academic content courses to help students identify their interests and talents. Homewood Middle School has an exemplary athletic program for girls and boys in grades 7 and 8 including track and cross country, football, basketball, volleyball, wrestling, tennis, baseball, softball, golf, dance and cheerleading.

We have established a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) environment for students to encourage growth beyond the walls of the classroom and school day. In addition, we utilize an online learning platform allowing students and teachers to interact and collaborate within the content.


Mr. Jimmie Pearson, Principal
Mrs. Cristy York, Assistant Principal
Dr. Joel Henneke, Assistant Principal



Homewood Middle School
395 Mecca Avenue
Homewood, AL  35209
Office: (205) 870-0878
Fax: (205) 877-4573